This years festival will mark its 41st event. The festival is recognized as the oldest and most successfulfood festival in Hawaii.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival celebrates those farmers who have pioneered and propelled Kona coffee to its world-renowned status of today, all the while still connecting to the diversified culture ofthe Kona community here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative has been a participant of the FESTIVAL since its inception by being involved in the Historical Museum Exhibits and Displays featuring the historical, educational and ethnical factor of Kona coffee in and throughout the community and the world.




Sotero instructing a group at the FESTIVAL about the fine art of roasting for a perfect cup of Kona Black Gold.

Some of our Kona Pacific Farmer's Co-op farmer member extended families enjoying a ride in the Kona Coffee Grand Parade

More exhibits and displays for the public's entertainment and education about Kona coffee

Sam taking some time out Samuel (Isamu) with Angel, an employee of Kona Pacific Farmers Co-op to help with the set up of the Festival activities

Yoshitaka has been a farmer member of the cooperative for over 75 years within three family generations. Yoshitaka farms coffee and macadamia nuts

The art of basket weaving demonstrated by Mr. Transfiguration. These baskets are often used in the coffee-land to pick the coffee


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