What: Coffee roasting
Where; retail store/viewing area
Why; educational, customer service

This event is done various times throughout the week. Please call (808) 328-2411 for more information.

At Kona Pacific Farmers Coop "PROFILE COFFEE ROASTING" is considered and "Art". Aquiring the knowledge and technique to roast a consistent and uniform batch of any type of coffee bean/grade takes years and bags of practice.

Those who can master these techniques are considered "Master Roasters".

All of Kona Pacific Farmers Coop roasting is done in-house, and we are proud to announce and introduce our 60- kilo roaster which can roast 100 pounds of coffee in approximately 20 minutes depending on the roast.

Complimentary to our 60-kilo coffee roaster, we have our L-12 and L-5 Probat roasters. KPFC will also have the L-12, with a capacity to roast 12-kilo at a time available on site so visitors may get an up close personal coffee roasting experience. KPFC uses the SCAA "Specialty Coffee Association of America" standards and classifications in our roasting process.

When on the Big Island come treat yourself to an experience with "100% Kona Coffee" that you will not ever experience any where else in the world. We guarantee it!!!

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