What; Egg Grading
Where; retail store/viewing area
Why; educational, customer service
When; Fridays @ 11 a.m.

Of course our eggs begin with the hen herself, and at this time our farmers are raising the Road Island Reds, Dominiques and Araucanas. Depending on how many hens our farmers have at any given time we have a steady supply of fresh assorted colors of brown, white and light green eggs daily.

These eggs are gathered, washed, sanitized, dried and, put through a rigorous inspection to meet the Department of Agriculture, State of Hawaii standards, before being boxed for sale at Kona Pacific Farmers Coop retail facility.

The eggs must first be gauged for quality. This is done by holding the egg upside down (larger end up) and rotating it around in front of a strong light known as an egg candler. This enables you to locate the air cell inside the egg, measure the cell with the egg air cell guage, and to determine the egg's quality of A, AA or B. By checking this cell with the egg air cell guage you can determine that you are receiving fresh quality product.

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