Coffee Quality Institute(CQI)is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those people who produce it in association and under the guidelines of the SCAA(Specialty Coffee Association of America). The SCAA is a global agency that recommends specific standards for cupping and evaluating coffees in its many different forms and stages.

The CQI is committed to improve and maintain the quality of coffee from the cherry form all the way to the brewed cup no matter where the coffee is grown, processed or roasted, as well as improving the lives of those people who grow the coffee.

In order to help accomplish this task of education in coffee quality and freshness throughout the coffee industry Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative has begun to utilize the CQI(Coffee Quality Institute) Q-Grader Program. KPFC features Q-graded(CQI) and, Hawaii Department of Agriculture(HDOA) certified and approved 100% Kona Fancy and Peaberry No. 1 Coffee in our retail store and inter-net web sales.

To learn more about this program and the exciting journey of the coffee from the tree to the cup and the price that a specialty coffee ultimately earns log onto the web sites or

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