Kona Coffee is considered to be one of the best in the world. Within the United States, the Hawaiian Islands are the only place that produces coffee. The Kona District on the Big Island is the only place that produces this premium crop of what we all know as, "Kona Coffee". With the hard work and the tender care that the farmers and processors take in handling this special product, Kona Coffee has become one of the "Islands Famous Treasures" " to give or take to give as gifts to special friends, families, and business associates.

For some of the coffee drinkers in the world, coffee is coffee and it doesn't matter where it comes from or how it's processed. For the rest and best of us, however, the where and how is vitally important. For us, the coffee gourmets, Coffee U was established.

Learn about the pedigree of Kona Coffee and a lot about coffee in general. Discover the secrets of roasting and how to brew "The Perfect Cup of Coffee". Finally, get an understanding of what Coffee Certification is all about and why Kona coffee is special.

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