The Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative
Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative is the oldest and largest Kona Coffee Cooperative in the United States of America with over 50 years as a business. We are a farmer owned business that grows and processes both Kona Coffee and Hawaii Grown Macadamias. We have been a farmers' cooperative for 53 years and have been continuously processing coffee at this beautiful historical site in Kealakekua since 1910. Originally a pineapple factory, today the operation is all about coffee and macadamia nuts. With a membership of 100 locally generation to generation farmers, together they have a combined experience of 200 years of growing Kona Coffee along the lush and scenic mountains of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

KPFC still employs many processing techniques from the infancy of coffee processing on the Big Island. Still, 100% hand picked and still primarily air dried, Kona Coffee is considered by many to be one of the "Islands Famous Treasures" and the "Finest Coffee in the World."

KPFC is not only skilled in everything there is to know about coffee and macadamia nuts, we maintain a standard of growing and processing that is unequaled anywhere. The farmers of Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative take pride in the quality of their coffee and that's why till today and always our motto is, "Stubborn About Quality".

To ensure the best quality KPFC has become one of the charter members of the Hawaii Department Agriculture "Seal of Quality" program. KPFC tries to be a leader within the coffee industry to help educate the community and visitors from around the world about the importance of "Quality Products" that is locally grown and produced here within the Hawaiian Islands.



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